How to Completely Reshape Your Body!

Ultimate Guide
to Engineer a
Healthier Body

and lose TONS of weight in the process!

  • Flatten your waistline
  • Trim your hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • Lose excess inches and pounds
  • Firm and tone your body
  • Increase your metabolism naturally
  • Increase your energy

You have not read
anything like this before.

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"I was able to achieve such a defined hourglass figure for my show and couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Thanks to Health Direct USA and their product, AminoSculpt, I stepped on stage in the best shape of my life~ 11% body fat 122 lbs. I have all the faith that during this current prep for the next show I will see even more improvement!!"
- Jeanette

No Matter How Hard You’ve Tried Before, this Guide is a 100% Guaranteed Solution for Melting Away Fat. Here is Just a Small Sample of What You’ll Discover…

"At the end of the 90 days, I lost 15 pounds and over 6 inches in my waist. I feel great and have gained a new understanding of the food that works for my body. This wasn't a diet, it was a reeducating of how to give my body the best and enjoy my life to the fullest. The food plan is something I will refer to for the rest of my life to keep my body toned and functioning properly."

- Allie

A Message from the Author,
Jim Caras

Dear Friends,

I call you friend, because we both have probably had the same experiences and been on the same journey to lose weight (fat), keep it off, and improve our overall health.

Picture what you would look like if you were 5, 10, or even 20 or more pounds thinner. Imagine Completely reshaping your body!
This happend to me - and it will happen for you also.

I have discovered the real secret to not only losing those ugly pounds - but keeping them off.

About Jim Caras

Jim Caras has consulted in the health and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years. His bestselling weight loss book, How to Completely Reshape Your Body! is on its sixth publication and his articles on anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief, and achieving optimal health have been published in numerous health magazines. Jim is Founder and CEO of Health Direct, a nutrition company whose “Innovative Anti-Aging Solutions” have benefited over a million users worldwide.

What else will you learn? Simple and easy tips on how to maximize your results in the gym!

  • How to burn 200–300% more fat (clinically shown) when exercising!
  • Why hundreds of crunches, those TV advertised ab “devices”, and other misused ab exercises are unnecessary!
  • The nine secrets to maximizing fat loss!
  • Eleven different and convenient ways to develop cardiovascular fitness and health!
  • Two ready-to-use, time-tested and proven body

"For the first time in my life in 2007, I gained a lot of weight and was feeling very uncomfortable. Shortly after in 2008, I came across the Health Direct products, and started using AminoSculpt and Sculpt n’ Cleanse and following the eating program in the book, How to Completely Reshape Your Body! AminoSculpt and Sculpt n’ Cleanse were a godsend, as I ended up losing about 60 pounds."

- Mani

Learn 3 Simple Health and Wellness Hacks
to Lose Fat and Live Healthier

We know it’s always important to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the science behind total body optimization and weight loss. We wrote this book sharing our secrets behind how to engineer a healthier body. We also wrote this for those who have tried other health solutions in the past but ended up hitting what we call “hidden roadblocks”, that prevented you from total body optimization and weight loss.

You do not have to read every page of this book to start this program. It is designed to be a comprehensive reference guide to weight loss, body shaping, nutrition, supplementation, exercise, and general health improvement and principles.

What Can You Achieve with These Total Body Optimization Hacks?

With these 3 simple total body optimization hacks, you'll be able to optimize your diet and exercise efforts by efficiently leveraging our strategies. In this free health optimizing book, we'll share with you how to:

  • Lose Unwanted Pounds and Inches
  • Cleanse and Detoxify Your Body
  • Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

"I have had digestive problems ever since I was a young girl, but thanks to Health Direct my Stomach Spasms And Low Blood Sugar Swings Are Gone……And I Lost 10 Pounds and Feel Great!"

- Dawn

“Why This is One of the Most Authentic Books
On Weight Loss You’ll Ever Read...”

There are many books on weight loss, and more coming out seemingly every day. With Americans becoming increasingly overweight, many nutritional companies, medical professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and opportunists, recognize it as a way to make quick buck - and for some - massive amounts of money. The resulting weight loss supplements, dangerous metabolic stimulants and drugs, and books with fancy or impressive sounding titles have flooded the market to lure those of us who battle with our weight.

Guaranteed That You Will Quickly

"This just keeps on working. I have dropped 7 pant sizes. I was wearing XXL t-shirts, now I wear large. I have lost 8 inches in the waist, 3 inches at the bicep, 1 3/4 inches at the forearm, 6 1/4 inches in the chest, 5 inches in the thigh, 1 1/2 inches in the calf and 1 inch in the neck for a total of 33.25 inches and I am still losing inches. When I put on one of my old suits, I look like a little kid wearing their dads suit. It is like I have lost a whole person. I can't believe how I look now. Thank-You Health Direct."

- Ward

Does this sound familiar?

  • You stand there in the morning, or before going out to a social event, stare aimlessly in your closet for clothing that makes you look the least fat.
  • You struggle to button or zip up your clothes.
  • You go shopping and are horrified when seeing your bulging fat in the mirror of the dressing room. Do you ever wonder if the stores buy the left-over mirrors from the fun house at the circus?
  • You feel depressed during the day or at that special event when your clothing is tight and you feel fat.
  • You Have naturally thin people and doctors tell you to "eat less" and/or "exercise more" - especially when it's not working.
  • You are hungry all the time; you never have that satisfied feeling when eating that makes you want to stop.
  • You crave sweets and caffeinated beverages.
  • You crave sweets at night, even after you've eaten a satisfying meal.
  • You buy new clothes, and not only be discouraged at your "new" larger size, but being embarrassed to tell the store clerk what size you are (as you sheepishly say, " I'm usually a 4, but some clothes fit me as an 8," when you're actually an 8).
  • You avoid outdoor events (beaches, lakes, etc.) or special events (like reunions) because of how you look.

If any of these examples reflects your experiences,

Forced Tawyna’s body to burn a total of
23 pounds of pure fat at age 53…

  • Without killing herself at the gym
  • Without starving herself
  • Without taking any dangerous supplements
  • Without ever feeling hungry

All by following Jim Caras’s total body optimization plan, which is broken down in this book…

"I started natural bodybuilding when I was 53. Using Jim's diet and the AminoSculpt product as part of my training I lost 23 pounds in 90 days, gained well-defined lean muscle, had even had new hair growth. What was amazing though was how my skin tightened while taking AminoSculpt."
- Tawyna

Real People. Real Transformation.

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Ultimate Guide to Engineer a
Healthier Body

and lose TONS of weight in the process!

  • Flatten your waistline
  • Trim your hips, buttocks, and thighs
  • Lose excess inches and pounds
  • Firm and tone your body
  • Increase your metabolism naturally
  • Increase your energy